eVida Bed Occupancy Sensor

eBOS is a state-of-the-art bed occupancy sensor mat that accurately monitors bed occupancy and alerts nurses to render early assistance to fall prone patients.

eBOS uses proprietary pixelated pressure sensors to enable pre-exit alerts for fall-prone patients. Nurses will be alerted when a patient sits by the edge of the bed, so help can be given to reduce the risk of falls.

Special features & benefits

  • Pre-exit and exit alarm options are available for high and low risk fall-caution patients.
  • It is compatible with popular air mattress brands for monitoring bed bound patients.
  • Sensor mat is placed under the mattress for best infection control practice.
  • Additional pressure ulcer turning alert with Left, Supine & Right indication.



eBOS is specially designed to be fold-able for easy storage.



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