Patient Flow and Bed Management

Real-time Bed Status. Minimize Human Intervention.

Hospitals today face a number of challenges managing the patient flow process from admission to discharge. The bed status information in the hospital information system is often not up to date as the system relies on staff to manually update them. Operations and the bed management unit do not have clear visibility of real-time bed statuses in the hospital, resulting in time spent making phone calls to enquire bed statuses and patients’ whereabouts.

Patient Tag

To overcome these challenges, Cadi offers an RFID patient location tracking solution that helps manage and optimize the patient flow process from the point of admission to discharge. SmartSense enables staff to have an up-to-date overview of every patient’s location, automatically updating bed status information, patients’ Admission-Discharge-Transfer statuses and sends operational triggers to various personnel with minimal human intervention.



With SmartSense, hospitals can effectively reduce bed turnover time, patient waiting time, improve operational efficiency and in turn increase revenue and profitability.

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