Pandemic Ready

During a pandemic, temperature is one of the most frequently measured parameters, as it helps to pick up early warning signs of possible infection. Frequent measurement of this parameter was vital during past pandemics such as SARS or H1N1.

Hospitals face challenging requirements during an outbreak, trying to limit staff-patient contact for staff and patient safety, while having to identify and isolate probable infectious patients without delay. Hospitals can now be equipped to detect early warning signs of fever clusters online, without additional staff-patient contact. This innovative use of technology is made possible by the Cadi ThermoSensor, designed for taking patients’ temperature automatically, comfortably and wirelessly, while tracking their location.

There are significant benefits of the system, as it reduces the stress on patients being disturbed frequently during an outbreak and more importantly, reduces the workload and health risks of their healthcare workers. With real-time temperature accessible outside the ward, your healthcare workers are able to take extra precautions when they enter the patient’s room.

In the event of an emergency, the Cadi SmartSense location information, which is integrated seamlessly with the bed management system, will provide real-time bed resource data for your operations staff. Accurate information on limited bed and hospital resources can then be optimized and re-planned, to accommodate more patient within a shorter response time.

Lastly, by leveraging on the same infrastructure, visitors and staff can also be tagged for temperature monitoring, location tracking or contact tracing during a pandemic outbreak,to enhance the overall traceability of the status and movement of personnel.