Staff Contact Tracing and Hand Hygiene

Leveraging on Cadi’s unique tag-to-tag proximity detection technology, the Cadi SmartSense contact tracing system will help organizations accurately track, trace and monitor personnel, including staff, visitors and patients, coming into proximity contact with each other.

Staff Card

Wearing Cadi’s lightweight STG-821 RFID tag that is only 7mm thick and no bigger than a credit card, the system will record and capture all the wearers that come into contact within two metres (configurable) of each other.

This system can help hospitals prepare for and control outbreaks of contagious diseases, especially during a pandemic. The same tag can be integrated with door-access systems to enhance security or with a computer system to facilitate or control access to computers. It can also be used for automated monitoring of staff’s attendance and hand-hygiene compliance.

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