Managing COVID-19: The TTSH Experience

By Dean Koh | HealthITNews | May 26, 2020

Technologies adopted to tackle the COVID-19 situation at TTSH included the Staff Surveillance System (S3), Command, Control and Communications (C3) system and a real time location system (RTLS). Read the full article at HealthITNews

Extracts from HealthITNews:
One of the innovations that has come into play during this pandemic is the real time location system (RTLS), which incorporates various locating technologies in wearable tags. All patients, visitors and staff are provided with an RTLS tag for contact tracing. Hand sanitizers are equipped with pressure sensors and RTLS tags to monitor and remind staff on hand hygiene. The same technology is deployed to track equipment in real-time.

The RTLS system at TTSH is integrated with the hospital’s Command, Control and Communications (C3) system to optimize patient flow and care delivery.

Extracts from HealthITNews:
The C3 acts as the “brain” of the hospital and provides hospital management with real-time visibility to make effective decisions on flow management and resource optimization.

Together with the national HIT agency IHiS, TTSH accelerated the module’s enhancement to incorporate the RTLS and video-monitor human traffic. This put the hospital in good stead to handle the surge at NCID where attendances tripled overnight.

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