Real-time Surveillance System helps A Hospital Fight Against The Coronavirus Pandemic

Inside A Hospital’s Fight Against The Coronavirus Pandemic | CNA inside | Sep 13, 2020

An article featuring the Singapore National Centre for Infectious Disease (NCID) was published by “CNA inside” on 13 Sep 2020 entitled “Inside a hospital’s fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic”. In the article, the real-time location tracking and contact tracing surveillance system was featured. It was reported that all staff, patients and inpatient visitors wear a real-time tracking device.

Everyone that enters into NCID wears this tag.

On 29 Mar 2020, when the outsourced porter who worked at NCID was found infected, the real-time surveillance system deployed at NCID allows staff to quickly generate the list of persons who had interacted with him for more than 30 minutes. That helped the hospital to determine who is a close contact versus someone who had just walked past. If any close contact was “unfortunately” not in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), he can quickly be isolated before he became symptomatic, thereby preventing further spread.

For more details, please watch the “CNA Inside” video at

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