Quality Standards Compliance

Help enhance compliance to JCI standards

Every hospital wants to improve their patient care quality and experience, with minimum increase to their operational cost. This means having to better fulfill patients’ needs without the addition of new resources, such as caregivers and equipment.

The SmartSense system provides a visual framework for healthcare staff to attend to patient necessities without wasting their time locating a patient or equipment in need. Real time monitoring of patient movement within the hospital vicinity also ensures prompt response to emergencies and quick action to maintain smooth patient flow.

When your hospital is accredited with JCI compliance, it will be more challenging to show responsiveness to JCI requirements.

A case in point could be performance monitoring in terms of patient admission, transfer and discharge to generate necessary reports for submission to JCI. As SmartSense records patient movement in an electronic form along with patient’s temperature at granule level, hospitals will be able to generate the necessary reports for other forms of external audits.

Another area of compliance to pay attention to is infection prevention and control. Any reduction in human to human contact drastically limits the spread of infectious disease within the hospital.

Here the SmartSense system will also come in handy to track any patient, staff or equipment that an infectious patient has come in contact with and take immediate action to quarantine them. Knowing the patient’s current location speeds up this time-sensitive process as well.

Additionally when the SmartSense system is implemented along with wireless temperature monitoring or vital signs monitoring, it will further reduce contact between caregivers and staff, during day to day operations.

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