Patient Temperature and Location Tracking

Hospitals today are striving to streamline patient temperature monitoring to reduce labour, save cost, minimize cross infection and significantly enhance patient care.

ThermoSensor pasted on body

CADI’s flagship product, the ThermoSensor revolutionalizes the way patient temperature can be measured – wirelessly, continuously and comfortably.

By simply pasting the disc-like sensor on the body, patient temperature can now be sent wirelessly to a central server for storage, automatic charting and real-time alert for timely treatment.

clinicalchartNow, physicians can have access to real-time continuous temperature trend for better data analysis, patients can have better uninterrupted rest, nurses can focus on improving patient care quality and hospitals will be able to see tangible results on improved operational efficiency and manpower savings.

In addition to automated temperature monitoring, patient whereabouts is also tracked, thus enhancing patient safety.

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