SmartTag to enhance infant safety

28 November, 2020, this article is translated from: Vòng đeo thông minh chống nhầm lẫn mẹ con

Whenever the new baby boy is brought to Ha Linh, the smart tag worn on her wrist plays a lullaby and displays a flashing green light indicating a correct match. Similarly, when the baby returns to his baby cot, the smart tag on the cot automatically verifies the baby’s identity and plays the same melody with a flashing green light to indicate the right cot.

The Cadi SmartSense system consists of three SmartTags that are worn on the mother’s wrist, the baby’s ankle and the infant cot.

At birth, a SmartTag is strapped onto the baby’s ankle. The tag secures the baby throughout its stay in the hospital. When the baby is mistakenly brought near to another mother patient, the patient’s SmartTag sets off a continuous mismatch alarm together with a blinking RED Led; alerting nursing staff to the situation promptly.

The system also sets off an alarm whenever it detects any tampering to the infant’s SmartTag hypoallergenic band, i.e. intentionally cut. Alarms are triggered when the baby leaves the ward without authorisation, or a time-out event occurs when the baby is away from the ward longer than expected. Other alerts include any undetected SmartTags, loose strap and low battery status.

The system consists of three devices mounted on the mother’s arm, on the baby’s feet and on the crib. 

Ms Tran Thi Thuy Hang, Assistant to Nursing Director of the hospital, said the RFID system can identify and locate the baby’s location in the ward, enhancing the infant’s safety from any unauthorised exit and mismatch. The system is the first to be deployed in Vietnam since the beginning of November 2020. The proven system is already in use in several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

The system includes the RFID receiver to capture the SmartTag’s information. Hospital staff can quickly locate both the mother and baby from the mounted LCD screens installed in the central nursing and security management areas.

In maternity hospitals in Vietnam, both the mother and baby’s information are printed on a soft plastic bracelet. Upon discharge, the bracelets are removed and destroyed. The RFID SmartTags are used together with these patient identification bracelet specified by the Ministry of Health. Initially, many mothers were concerned about the baby’s comfort when wearing two identifiers at the same time. “The device is lightweight, designed to be safe for baby’s skin, fits baby’s ankle and is waterproof, so it doesn’t affect the baby care activities”, Ms Hang shared.

The device is worn on the mother’s arms and on the baby’s feet right from the moment of birth.

“Other mother patients in the hospital and I are satisfied and love the system after experiencing it. We are assured of high infant safety practice here”, shared Ms Linh. Upon discharge, the nurse again performs the matching procedure with the SmartTags. All the SmartTags are subsequently removed from the mother, baby and assigned cot and cleaned with alcohol swabs or disinfection solution.

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