Cadi SmartSense Enterprise Real Time Locating System (RTLS) provides a complete RTLS solution to tag, track and trigger processes with minimum human intervention.

The following lists the top benefits achieved by hospitals that have deployed Cadi SmartSense.

Top 8 Benefits


1. Enhance Patient Experience
Help make your patient’s stay a memorable one

2. Optimize Patient Flow
Real-time visibility results in faster response times and quicker bed turnover

3. Quality Standards Compliance
Help enhance compliance to JCI standards

4. Information At Your Fingertips
Always be in the know and make better-informed decisions

5. Return On Investment
Reap visible results from the entire system

6. Real-time Clinical information
Access patient data anytime, anywhere

7. Reduce Nurses’ Workload
Save time on phone calls and repetitive administrative tasks.

8. Be Pandemic Ready
Get your hospital prepared for any emergency