Information At Your Fingertips

Always be in the know and make better-informed decisions

There is so much going on in the hospital everyday – admissions, discharges and transfers are just some of the processes. However, none of these regular processes are translated into useful information.

Traditionally, such information is captured as post action data or batch updates. This means that many hospitals do not know how many patients were admitted or discharged, at that point in time. More importantly, they also do not know where the bottlenecks are, which cost both time and money.

Get a bird’s eye view of admissions, discharges, bed statuses, patient and asset locations

The SmartSense system provides hospitals with a bird’s eye view of what is happening at any point in time, and the location of every patient.  Using active RFID and/or WiFi technology, SmartSense offers tags that can tag anything within the hospital, and have different tags talk to the system wirelessly, without human intervention.

The SmartSense system provides clinicians and caregivers with real time information on the status and location of these objects, opening up a whole new world of knowledge and information.

Know where the bottlenecks are without making phonecalls

This instant visibility will help to significantly reduce the number of inter-departmental phone calls, as ward managers and nurses now have bed availability and status at their fingertips. Admissions, transfers and discharges will be automatically updated in real time.

Housekeeping will also be notified of the bed and its location, as soon as a patient is discharged, resulting in faster response times, quicker bed turnovers and shorter waiting times.

With a seamless flow of data to every part of the hospital, the gaps between departments are reduced and overall transparency is improved. Information can be recorded and updated, and notifications sent, resulting in a leaner and more efficient hospital. Captured data can also be retrieved for analysis and evaluation, to help make operational decisions for future improvement.

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