SingHealth’s CIO recounts experience with implementation of automated bed management system

Enterprise Innovation (Internet), interview, September 28, 2011:

In this interview, SingHealth’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) recouMr-Benedict-Tan.jpgnted his experience with implementation of an automated bed management system at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). “… what the old system did not have is the visibility to the patient transfers done at the wards … We needed a way to automatically identify available beds and patients who are waiting to be discharged.  … We started tagging all patients with RFID to improve the process”, he said.
Chia E. SingHealth CIO follows healthcare IT calling. Enterprise Innovation [Internet] 2011 September 28.
The bed management system was jointly supplied by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc (USA) and Cadi Scientific (Singapore). Cadi Scientific integrated its RFID system with the Allscripts patient flow solution and then implemented the integrated system at Singapore General Hospital.

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