Asset Tracking and Management

Real-time Location Tracking
With the increasing demand for better healthcare service today, it is tough for hospitals to manually monitor and have clear visibility of the whereabouts of their equipment. Ward staff have to make several phone calls to look for needed equipment. Biomedical engineering staff have to manually ensure that preventive maintenance is done on time by making their rounds searching and verifying scribbled information labelled on each piece of equipment periodically. These manual processes result in inefficient use of time, low utilization rates, over purchase of equipment, non-compliance with regulatory mandates, increased patient waiting time and sometimes loss and theft of equipment.
Asset tags on pumps

To overcome these challenges, CADI offers SmartSense, an RTLS/RFID system that allows tracking of hospital assets in real time. This helps hospital staff locate whatever and whoever they need instantly which is particularly useful for patient treatment or preventive maintenance for hospital equipment. With SmartSense, hospitals can effectively optimize assets utilization, improve patient safety, operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Real-time Asset Management
In addition, SmartSense also provides a web-based application system SmartSense BERS that helps to effectively digitize the biomedical engineering department, so that all real-time information can be accessible online by the whole department, anytime, anywhere.
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