Biomedical Equipment Reporting System

Cadi SmartSense Biomedical Equipment Reporting System (BERS) is a cost-effective healthcare-focused web-based application system that aims to effectively digitize the biomedical engineering (BME) department in a hospital.

This system enables all the facility’s medical equipment, asset contracts, documents and day-to-day work order information to be accessible online; thus providing realtime visibility and improving operational efficiency.

SmartSense BERS solution can be further integrated with SmartSense RTLS system to enable tracking of all the assets’ locations in real-time.

As the system is fully web-based, it runs on any web-enabled device, facilitating real-time update of information by the BME team anytime, anywhere.

Key Business Objectives
Cadi SmartSense BERS serves to maximize the performance and lifetime value of complex healthcare assets and closely align them with overall business strategy, thus:

  • Improve return on investment of assets.
  • Decrease costs and medical risk.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve asset-related decision making and development of KPIs
  • Increase asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts.
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve inter-department communications


Modules included
Cadi SmartSense BERS comes with all the key modules needed to optimize daily BME department workflow and integrated processes.  These modules include:

  • Asset Commissioning Module
  • Work Order Module
  • Corrective Maintenance Module
  • Contract Management Module
  • Medical Alert Management Module
  • Assets Master Module
  • Spare Inventory Module
  • Admin Module
  • Report Module

For more information on SmartSense RTLS for asset tracking, please click Asset Tracking and Management.

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Related Success Stories
SmartSense BERS was deployed successfully in the National Heart Centre, Singapore in 2014.