Enhance Patient Experience

Help make your patient’s stay a memorable one

Providing patients with the best possible experience has always been the key goal of a hospital.  However, hospitals today need to manage the rising costs, on top of patient satisfaction.

SmartSense, a real-time location tracking system, provides a set of concrete workflows and solutions that will truly benefit your patients and grant them a comfortable stay in your hospital.

Reduce waiting time to admit
A common gripe of patients is the waiting time, which can also provide the first and lasting impression of the hospital. SmartSense helps reduce waiting time by empowering the bed management unit, ward managers and housekeepers with a bird’s eye view of every ward’s real-time bed statuses. This helps them make quicker, better-informed decisions and speeds up bed turnover. SmartSense advances hospital management into a new frontier of real time, actionable intelligence, helping staff to take proactive or predictive decisions to provide unlimited attention to patient needs.

Improve rest | Ensure timely treatment | Enhance Safety
From the point of admission, a small personal 2-in-1 RFID tag tracks the patient’s temperature and real-time location, so caregivers always know where the patient is and if he has a fever or maybe an infection. Real time temperature monitoring ensures timely treatment and improved rest, since the patients do not need to be woken up regularly. Location tracking ensures that elderly and paediatric patients do not get lost in the premise. Such proactive steps provide patients and their family members with a sense of security and piece of mind.

Reduce waiting time to discharge
SmartSense enables discharge to be fast and convenient. A quick deactivation of the patient’s RFID tag will present him with his medical bill. The system will know immediately that the bed is now vacant and can be made ready for a new patient. This will increase the bed turnover rate, resulting in shorter waiting times. At the end of the day, your hospital’s high patient satisfaction rating will speak for itself.

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