Cadi’s Technology

SmartSense RTLS Technology

Made in Singapore, and leveraging hospitals’ WiFi or RFID infrastructure, SmartSense Real-time Locating System (RTLS) is carefully designed for demanding healthcare environment to accurately monitor and track locations of visitors, staff, patients and assets and their interactions .


SmartSense cleverly combines the advantage of various locating technologies namely Cadi’s patented tag-to-tag technology, Infra-red technology, low frequency technology, active RFID technology, passive RFID technology, with an option to leverage standard Wi-Fi access points to locate based on triangulation to achieve best experience in the healthcare settings (See diagram below).

SmartSense RTLS platform is now compatible with devices that run on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology developed by partners.


SmartSense’s innovative hardware R&D team specially designed various models of healthcare friendly low-powered RFID tags for various applications that are small, light-weight, waterproof and have operationally feasible battery life.

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