About us

Focused in healthcare industry

Core Purpose
To provide solutions that really help make people’s lives better.

To become a world leading healthcare technology company that is well known to provide solutions that really help our customers.

To help customers improve outcomes by automating & simplifying their processes with healthcare technology solutions in the areas of wireless sensing, tracking & matching.

Core Values
Caring | Appreciative | Disciplined | Integrity

Cadi Scientific is a Singapore-based healthcare technology company established in 2003. Specializing in wireless sensing, tracking and matching devices, Cadi helps hospitals improve outcomes by automating and simplifying their processes with advanced technologies. The company’s flagship product, Cadi SmartSense™, initially comprises of a small disc-like wearable that automatically measures a patient’s temperature round-the-clock and at the same time tracks the patient’s location. This award-winning product helps enhances patient care, improves productivity and service level. Over the years, SmartSense has evolved to include wearable tags that match infant to the right mother, automate contact tracing, monitor hand hygiene compliance and tags for tracking equipment. SmartSense is now deployed in the country’s largest hospitals and several other renowned healthcare institutions in the region. To date, Cadi’s IOT devices have been used to monitor millions of patients, visitors and staff, and tens of thousands of assets.

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