Infant Matching and Security

To prevent infant abduction and baby mix-ups

The Cadi SmartSense infant safety solution promises to further enhance maternity patients’ experience after the delivery of their new bundle of joy in the hospital. Using Cadi’s patented tag-to-tag technology, the automatic and on-demand matching feature provided by the Cadi’s tags allows anxious mothers and fathers to ensure that the right baby is brought to them at all times.

infant-mother-cotProbably a first in the world, and deployed in more than 90% of Singapore hospitals’ maternity wards, Cadi SmartSense infant safety is specially designed to have baby to cot matching, in addition to the basic baby-mother matching feature. Its ability to locally match the mother, baby and cot tags, with visual and audible alerts, without the need or presence of an infrastructure makes usage process and deployment very simple and quick.

Registration workflow is also streamlined with the foolproof pre-paired feature of the mother, cot and infant tag. Nurses do not have to perform a manual pairing follow by a manual registration at the computer anymore.  This improved process not only reduces nurses’ workload, it also eliminates any possibility of human error of pairing the wrong infant tag with the mother/cot tag.

With SmartSense’s intuitively designed, touchscreen friendly digital whiteboard, nurses now have a full real-time visibility of all their patients in one glance and have access to the complete information of a patient with a simple tap on the patient tile.

Coupled with Cadi’s exciters placed at the exits, the SmartSense infant safety system will automatically trigger door locks and alerts to protect infant from being brought out of these exits without authorization.

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