Reduce Nurses’ Workload

Nurses have heavy workload every day, which requires them to perform tasks and administrative duties faithfully while responding to patients’ needs at the same time. This
can be very frustrating and demoralizing.

reducenurseworkload.PNGSmartSense can assist nurses with repetitive tasks and allow them to concentrate on the core responsibility of caring for patients. This can save them a lot of time, by reducing the time taken to make phone calls or look for patients’ medication, tests or meal times. Time can also be saved on measuring vital signs patient-by-patient. All data is recorded automatically into digital charts, significantly reducing paperwork and transcription errors that are inherent with manual recording.

Managers that are looking to improve their operational workflow should consider SmartSense for the entire building as well. With auto-admission, transfer and discharge, nurses are freed from unnecessary paperwork and inter-department phone calls to concentrate on what they do best.

Furthermore, when the SmartSense system is implemented to monitor real time location of mobile equipments, nurses now know where these equipment are and their current status. This is especially useful for valuable equipment that is shared among different facilities.