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1. Company News

研发无线实时体温监控器 公司助医院解决”入院难”问题 – BY 联合早报 | 财经. 30 Jun 2022

Cadi Scientific aims to bring tech to more hospitals in South-East Asia, Greater China, Middle East -VENGA SUBRAMANIAM. The Business Times. 01 Jun 2022

无线科技无 限潜能 – BY 陈紫筠. 联合早报 | 财经 | 中小企业 | 医疗创新·科技抗疫系列. LIANHE ZAOBAO. 25 JUN 2020. 

10 FASTEST GROWING HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS TO WATCH IN 2019  – Cadi Scientific: A New Hand Hygiene Monitoring System for Better Healthcare. APAC BUSINESS HEADLINES 

TOP 25 HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDERS – 2018 – Cadi Scientific: Smart Solutions to Improve Lives. APAC CIOoutlook | Healthcare Special.  APAC CIO Outlook – 2018 Healthcare Special Edition

PJM RFID Presented at ISBT TORONTO 2018, 35th International Congress of Blood Transfusion, Toronto, Canada. See abstract at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/14230410/2018/113/S1

Healthcare Supplier Awards 2017 – 31 Oct 2017 – Cadi is a Merit Award winner for the Productivity  Award which recognizes Suppliers who drive productivity, efficiency and continuously strive to create positive outcomes to the value chain, for the project “World’s First Continuous Vital Signs Wearable for NUH and TTSH General Ward Patients”.  


TOP 25 HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDERS – 2017 – Cadi: Solutions to Make People’s Lives Better. APAC CIOoutlook | Healthcare Special.  https://healthcare.apacciooutlook.com/vendor/cadi-solutions-to-make-people-s-lives-better-cid-2010-mid-106.html

SpringNews. Passion For Standards.  SPRINGnews September 2017 | In conversation with| Pg 14-15.  SpringNews – Sep 2017 Pg 14/15

ISOfocus – Active Ageing. Boosting Singapore’s Silver Industry.  ISOfocus #121 – 2017 Pg  45.  https://www.iso.org/files/live/sites/isoorg/files/news/magazine/ISOfocus%20(2013-NOW)/en/2017/ISOfocus_121/ISOfocus_121_EN.pdf

Vivien Shiao. Singapore firms see silver lining in eldercare industry. The Business Times | SME. June 26, 2017.  http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/sme/singapore-firms-see-silver-lining-in-eldercare-industry

SPRING. Mr Zaqy Mohamad Speech at the Opening of Silver Industry Standards Exchange and Launch of SS618. March 23, 2017. https://www.spring.gov.sg/NewsEvents/PS/Pages/Speech-by-Mr-Zaqy-Mohamad,-Chairman-of-Government-Parliamentary-Committee-for-Communications-and-Information-and-20170323.aspx
Programme Highlights

Mindy Tan. Blazing a trail in health wearables. The Business Times | Think Global Think Standards. August 23, 2016. http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/hub/think-global-think-standards/blazing-a-trail-in-health-wearables

Rennie Whang. Tech to help parents get through the night. The Straits Times. October 29, 2014. https://www.gpo.nhg.com.sg/suppliersaward/pdf/The%20Strait%20Times%20-%2029%20Oct%202014(HSA%20-%20Cadi%20Scientific).pdf

Adrian Lim. ‘Robot’ hospital beds easier to move about. The Straits Times. Oct 21, 2014.

Technologies to help seniors & caregivers. Ageless Voice. May 5, 2014. http://enterprise.nus.edu.sg/files/large/ab52ab90a68d25c

Inaugural National Healthcare Group Healthcare Supplier Awards 2014.  Cadi Scientific received Innovation Award – 2nd Prize. This Award recognises Suppliers who creatively introduce a new approach, product, service or technology in NHG and/or NUH and/or KTPH in the area of processes, service performances and/or product quality improvement. https://www.gpo.nhg.com.sg/suppliersaward/awards2014.html

Inaugural HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award 2013. Tan Tock Seng Hospital for their SmartSense System. The award was established to honour organisations for outstanding achievements in the implementation and usage of health information and technology to successfully improve quality of care and patient safety.  https://www.elsevier.com/about/press-releases/clinical-solutions/seven-health-it-projects-across-asia-pacific-presented-with-the-inaugural-himss-elsevier-digital-healthcare-award

Cadi Scientific listed in the Directory of Innovative SMEs in ASEAN 2012.   https://www.scribd.com/doc/112935410/Directory-of-Innovative-SMEs-in-ASEAN-2012

Fargo, ND. RFID Hardware From Cadi Scientific To Integrate With Intelligent InSites’ Enterprise RTLS Healthcare Software. Health IT Outcomes. December 16, 2011. https://www.healthitoutcomes.com/doc/rfid-hardware-from-cadi-scientific-to-0001

A Measure of Success. SPRING news. March 2010 | Page 8.

Cadi Scientific – Riding the Growth of the Healthcare Sector. Singapore Medtech Portal. http://www.medtech.sg/cadi-scientific-riding-the-growth-of-the-healthcare-sector/

Designing a new product – A smarting process. Today | Home | Business. 17 March 2010. https://www.pressreader.com/singapore/today/20100317/282991101076974

Microsoft Healthcare User Group Award 2010. Singapore General Hospital named the “Winner for Best Use of Clinical Records — Inpatient” for the project implemented by Cadi Scientific, using Eclipsys Sunrise Patient Flow and Cadi’s SmartSense RTLS for optimizing and automating patient flow from the point of admission to the point of discharge.  Details

Computerworld Honors Laureate 2010: Awarded to Singapore General Hospital for Creating Optimised Patient Throughput For Pandemic Outbreak Using Bed Management System. Cadi Scientific deployed this solution with Allscripts Patient Flow software module integrated with Cadi SmartSense RTLS sysem. Details

IDC-Enterprise Innovation Award 2010.  Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) innovates with Bed Management System (BMS) which significantly improves efficiency of bed management in its hospital and enhances co-ordination among various departments for quicker bed turnover. Details

Zhang Yi Ting. Just what the doctor ordered. The Business Times | SME Inc. 25 August 2009. http://laurakirkendall.blogspot.sg/2009/08/just-what-doctor-ordered.htmlhttp://laurakirkendall.blogspot.sg/2009/08/just-what-doctor-ordered.html

Cadi Scientific received the Customer Service Leadership Award 2009. Southeast Asia’s best in Industrial Technologies honoured. 2009 Frost & Sullivan South East Asia Industrial Technologies Awards. April 2, 2009.

Cadi SmartSense wins the Red Dot Design award 2008, in Product category 12: Life science & medicine. 

Innovation for Occupational Health and Safety 2006 – Top 3. SingHealth iTAG and SGH Nursing Team “Tag and Track: Wireless Makes a Difference” Case study_SingHealth_SGH

National Healthcare Group Scientific Congress – Best Oral Presentation Award 2006. Lee CKS, Yu L, Jabin K, Chan YH. A clinical study to compare the accuracy of a wireless temperature monitoring device, ThermoSensor, with infrared, digital and mercury thermometers at various measurement routes.  20060930_aams_nhg-asc_eval-thermosensor-ttsh_ocr_opt

Asian Hospital Management Award 2006.  Technical Service Improvement (Finalist).  TTSH Online Patient Dashboard System with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology.” by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National Healthcare Group. Case study_NHG_TTSH

TEC Public Service Innovation award, The Enterprise Challenge Innovator, Prime Minister’s office. Awarded to Cadi Scientific, Oct 2004.

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s Enterprising Agency Award (April 2004) was awarded to Singapore General Hospital for its innovative use of IT by piloting the Automated Wireless Temperature Surveillance System.


Use of a Real-Time Locating System for Contact Tracing of Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic at an Infectious Disease Center in Singapore: Validation Study. Hanley J Ho; Zoe Xiaozhu Zhang; Zhilian Huang; Aung Hein Aung; Wei-Yen Lim; Angela Chow; Published on 26.5.2020 in Vol 22, No 5 (2020): May, JMIR Journal of Medical Internet Research Publications.

A Real-Time Location System for Contact Tracing, Tracking Equipment and Monitoring Hand Hygiene Compliance. IHiS featured project in Singapore health ecosystem. 2019

Medha Basu and Nurfilzah Rohaidi. Tan Tock Seng Hospital builds “artificial brain” to manage services. Exclusive Interview with Dr Jamie Lim, COO of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. GovInsider | SmartGov 25 May 2017. Available from: https://govinsider.asia/smart-gov/exclusive-tan-tock-seng-hospital-builds-artificial-brain-to-manage-services/

Enterprise Singapore. TR 45 : 2016 (ICS 01.040; 35.100; 35.240) Technical Reference for Remote Vital Signs Monitoring. Information Technology Standards Committee | Singapore Standards Council . 2016. Available from:  https://www.singaporestandardseshop.sg/Product/SSPdtDetail/92a55ad9-d422-4352-b375-e44ae5e615cf

Cho J-S. Efficient healthcare process based on ubiquitous technology: Samsung Medical Center case. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management Studies (IJSRMS) 2014; 1(4):109-117. Available from: http://www.ijsrms.com/media/1n4-IJSRMS0103310_v1_is4_109-117.pdf

Cho J-S. Innovation of health check process using RFID and mobile devices: Samsung Medical Center Case. In: Proceedings of 6th Annual American Business Research Conference; 2014 June 9–10; New York. ISBN: 978-1-922069-52-8. Available from: https://studylib.net/doc/13325393/proceedings-of-6th-annual-american-business-research-conf…

Chong M. Local hospitals win award for innovation in healthcare. Channel News Asia (Singapore) [Internet] 2013 October 22.

Ong A. TTSH, Spring tie up to boost innovations. Straits Times (Singapore), 2012 June 28: Breaking News [Internet]. http://www.ttsh.com.sg/about-us/newsroom/news/article.aspx?id=3683

Swedberg C. Hong Kong Union Hospital adopts RFID temperature sensors for pediatric patients. RFID Journal 2012 September 11. http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?9893http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?9893 or 20120911_rfid-j_hk-union-hosp-wireless-temp

Chia E. SingHealth CIO follows healthcare IT calling. Enterprise Innovation [Internet] 2011 September 28. http://enterpriseinnovation.net/article/singhealth-cio-follows-healthcare-it-calling

陈敏亚, 刘仕福(Chen M, Liu S). 射频识别技术在重症监护病房的应用(The use of RFID technologies in the ICU) [in Chinese]. 中华医院管理杂志 (Chinese Journal of Hospital Administration) 2011; 27(9):703–704.

曹晓东, 黄云娟, 黄琴红, 朱亭立, 曹燕, 蔡亚萍, 朱俊霞, 浦敏华 (Cao X, Huang Y, Huang Q, Zhu T, Cao Y, Cai Y, Zhu J, Pu M). 无线体温监测和位置跟踪传感器在ICU重症患者体温监测中的应用 (Application of wireless temperature monitoring and location tracking sensor for patients admitted to ICU). 护理学杂志 (Journal of Nursing Science) 2012; 27(2):53–55.

满祎, 陈敏亚 (Man Y, Chen M). 基于RFID 技术的体温传感器在医院的应用 (The use of RFID-based body temperature sensing in a hospital) [in Chinese]. 中国数学医学 (China Digital Medicine) 2011; 6(10):25–27.

Wong B, Kan CH, Ho PY, Chan O. An evaluation of the implementation of RFID wireless body temperature monitoring system to enhance patient experience and work efficiency [abstract]. In: Abstract book for the 28th International Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care; 2011 Sep 14–17; Hong Kong. p. 700. 20110914_isqua-28_smartsense-study-tmh-hk

Benedict Tan. Smart solutions. Hospital IT Europe 2010, 3(2):17,19. 20100700_hospital-it-europe_sgh-wireless-bms

Edwards J. RFID helps understaffed hospital focus on patients. RFID Journal 2010 June 28.  http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/view/7646 or PDF (Copyright RFID Journal LLC. Used with permission.)

Kim-Gau Ng PhD, et. al. Evaluation of the Cadi ThermoSENSOR Wireless Skin-Contact Thermometer Against Ear and Axillary Temperatures in Children. Journal of Pediatric Nursing (2010) 25, 176-186. http://www.pediatricnursing.org/article/S0882-5963(08)00497-1/references Part of this article was presented at the 2nd International Conference of the Asia Pacific Society of Healthcare Quality held on January 17–19, 2008, in Singapore.

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Lonsdale J. Real-time patient tracking reaps rewards. Hospital IT Europe 2008, 1(3):47,48.
To view the full article, please click here: 20081000_hospital-it-europe_ttsh-rfid

Lee CKS, Yu L, Jabin K, Chan YH. A clinical study to compare the accuracy of a wireless temperature monitoring device, ThermoSensor, with infrared, digital and mercury thermometers at various measurement routes. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore 2006; 35 (suppl): N1. [Proceedings of the National Health Care Group Annual Scientific Congress 2006, September 30 to October 1, 2006, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore] 20060930_aams_nhg-asc_eval-thermosensor-ttsh_ocr_opt

Winners of the Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize

The Public Awareness of Physics Awards, Institute of Physics, Singapore

The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize, the Public Awareness of Physics Awards are made to individuals or groups who have demonstrated outstanding inspiration, innovation and enthusiasm in promoting physics (or physical science) to the public.


This award was instituted by the Council of the Institute of Physics Singapore in October 2004 in recognition of the importance of promoting public awareness of physics in the world, of its contributions to the quality of life and its advancement of an understanding of the physical world and the place of humanity within it.


The award shall be given annually for outstanding contributions made to enhance the public understanding of physics.


2020 Winner:
Jennifer Hogan (Centre for Quantum Technologies and National University of Singapore, NUS)
For her outstanding outreach contributions, like the curation of the Quantum Exhibit at the Science
Centre, the Quantum Shorts texts and videos competition, and for the promotion of physics through highlights of CQT research.

2019 Winner:
Assoc. Prof. Lee Choon Keat, Paul National Institute of Education. For his leadership and dedication in organization of the Singapore Physics Olympiad and the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad for the last 5 years, and for mentoring and leading Singapore’s team for International Physics Youth
Tournament and Asian/International Physics Olympiad on numerous occasion for last two decades.

2018 Winner:
Dr Cindy Shao-Chin Ng and Dr Abel Jiahui Yang (National University of Singapore, NUS)
For their contribution to the organization of astronomy events.

2017 Winner:
Dr. Cindy Ng Shao Chin & Dr. Abel Yang Jiahui (National University of Singapore, NUS)
For their team effort in establishing a lasting astronomy presence to a wide audience in Singapore, a strong presence on local public media on astrophysical topics, and organizing public astronomy events for very large audiences.

2016 Winner:
Dr. Yeo Ye (National University of Singapore, NUS)
For many years of Outstanding Contributions to Singapore Physics Olympiads, International Physics Olympiad, Asian Physics Olympiads and IYPT. As an outstanding educator, he has helped many generations of physics students win international physics medals for our country.

2015 Winners:
Individual prize: Mr Remus Chua Choong Hee from Navagis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Group prize: Mr Albert Ho, Mr Albert Lim, Mr Ang Poon Seng and Mr Soh Kim Mun, Astro Society of Singapore

2014 Winner:

Prof B V R Chowdari (NUS)
He is the Executive Director of the NUS-India Research Initiative and was the chair of the organizing committee for the 15th Asian Physics Olympiad held in Singapore last year. Prof Chowdari has made other outstanding effort in promoting Physics in Singapore and Asia, for example, in organizing the Physics Enrichment Camp for high school students during the summer vacations.

2013 Winner:

Assoc. Prof. Chin Wee Shong (NUS)
For many years of outstanding contributions as Vice Dean of NUS Science faculty where she was also engaged actively in physics outreach, especially through the “Venus Transit” (2012, hosted Prof. Roy Kerr who pioneered the theory for the rotating black hole), “Venus Symphony at NUS UTown Green” (hosted music composer, Dr. Robert Casteels) and “Rhapsody on an Equatorial Evening” (2006, hosted Prof. Jocelyn Bell who spoke on Discovery of Neutron Stars)). Many of Prof. Chin’s outreach efforts in the physical sciences have been reported in numerous newspapers and invited media (radio & TV) interviews.

2012 Winner

Assoc. Prof. Rajdeep Singh Rawat (NIE)
For many years of outstanding leadership, inspiration and guidance to many Singapore International Physics Olympiad (IPHO) teams. Many of the teams have brought top physics honours and medals to Singapore.

2011 Winner

Prof. Leo Tan (NUS)
For outstanding contributions to numerous aspects of public awareness of physics. He was Director/CEO of the Singapore Science Centre from 1982 to 1991 and Founding Dean of the School of Science at the National Institute of Education (NIE) from 1991 to 2000. At Nanyang Technological University, he chaired a Task Force (2003 to 2004) to establish the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences. NIE has the unique distinction of being internationally recognized for both its pedagogical and content teaching and research.

2010 Winner

Dr. Chew Tuan Chiong  (Frasers Centrepoint Asset Management Ltd)
From 1995 to 2009, Dr. Chew was the Chief Executive of the Singapore Science Centre (SSC). Under his committed, creative and outstanding leadership, SSC was transformed into an innovative world-class educational facility with a visitorship in excess of one million per annum. Dr. Chew is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Frasers Centrepoint Asset Management Ltd, the manager of SGX listed Frasers Centrepoint Trust, which has an asset size of S$1.4 billion. Dr. Chew has been awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) (Singapore), and also the Sugden Award by the Combustion Institute (UK).

2009 Winners

Mr. Yeh OC & Mr. Lim SH (Nanyang Polytechnic, NYP)
Mr. Yeh Ong Chua and Mr. Lim Sin Hoe were outstanding in promoting physics through Astronomy. To date, more than 80 secondary schools and thousands of students have participated in their highly popular activities, Astro-Lectures, Annual Astronomy Competition (12th year) and Astronomy Retreats (16th year)

2008 Winner

Prof. Xu Shuyan (NIE)
Prof. Xu was outstanding in promoting physics in Singapore and to the world by hosting the 37th International Physics Olympiad, 8-17th July 2006. He led an organising team in this event, which saw a total of 4 Nobel Prize winners and 1 Templeton Laureate, and some 800 participating competitors, leaders and officials from 86 countries taking part in this event.

2007 Winner

Dr. Pang Kian Tiong
For his outstanding contributions in organising Einstein’s 2005 Centennial Celebration. As a resident scientist at The Singapore Science Centre, he has contributed much in his several years of experience in communicating physics to the general public.

2006 Winner

Assoc. Professorial Fellow Chia Teck Chee
For being an outstanding science educator by providing inspiration to numerous batches of physics trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education, NIE. Many of his students have gone on to inspire numerous physics students in schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and the public.

2005 Winner

Mr. Au Mun Chew
For outstanding contribution in generating Singaporean public awareness of Physics through the medium of Amateur Astronomy.