Tokyo’s Eiju General Hospital deploys RFID infant safety system to enhance infant security

Cadi Scientific, news summary, December 29, 2015:
Since August 2015, Eiju General Hospital (永寿総合病院) in Tokyo, Japan, has been using the CADI SmartSense infant safety system to enhance infant security. This system matches infants to their mother and cots by using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and gives out visual and audio alerts if any mismatch occurs. It helps to prevent infant abduction by providing real-time location tracking and setting off alarms when infants are moved into unauthorized areas. It allows caregivers to monitor the matching status and movement of infants remotely using computers, smartphones, or tablets, giving both mothers and caregivers added peace of mind.
The CADI SmartSense infant safety system was developed by Cadi Scientific (Singapore) and customized in collaboration with SATO Healthcare (Japan) for use at Eiju General Hospital. It can be used with SATO’s mother-infant all-in-one koDakara wristbands for greater security.