SmartSense Solutions

One of the key challenges in the future of healthcare is to deal with an aging population.
A worldwide phenomenon, the aging population is going to result in a higher patient to nurse ratio. Technology will probably never be able to replace a doctor’s judgement or a nurse’s touch, but it can help tip the balance by improving workflow and making manual and routine tasks more efficient. The automation of tasks such as temperature taking and vital signs measurement will free up time for other nursing tasks. Also, with a rapid decrease in hardware size and increase in mobility and connectivity, doctors will be able to read a patient’s charts and upload his input, while standing at his or her bedside.

The SmartSense System also offers clear benefits with other applications such as patient flow optimization, asset tracking, infant security and many other solutions designed specifically for hospitals.

Technology has and will continue to make a difference in healthcare. We hope that after
reading the pages ahead, you will understand better how our technology can help you
achieve tangible results. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.
We will be more than happy to address them.