Active Ageing. Boosting Singapore’s Silver Industry.

ISOfocus Mar/Apr 2017 – Active Ageing. Boosting Singapore’s Silver Industry.  ISOfocus #121 – 2017 Pg45.


Extracted from ISOfocus#121:
Cadi Scientific, a Singapore-based healthcare technology company specializing in wireless sensing, tracking and matching devices, piloted the interface protocol defined in TR 45. The company used TR 45 in its SmartSense system – an ingenious disc-like wearable that automatically monitors a patient’s temperature and location round-the-clock – to demonstrate its interfacing feasibility to the national portal.

Dr Lim Soh Min, Chief Marketing Officer of Cadi Scientific, explains : “Through the adoption of TR 45, Cadi SmartSense System has become even more interoperable, allowing Cadi Scientific a first-mover advantage to tap into the region’s market.”  Read More

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