Singapore Firms see Silver Lining in eldercare industry

Vivien Shiao. Singapore firms see silver lining in eldercare industry. The Business Times | SME. June 26, 2017.

Rising number of SMEs tapping latest technology trends to create innovative solutions in bid to catch silver tsunami wave.

Cadi Scientific, which has been in the market for 14 years, designs and manufactures wireless sensing devices used in hospitals for tracking and monitoring patients, staff and assets. Its director and chief marketing officer, Lim Soh Min, told BT: “Locally, we have not felt the pickup of telehealth yet, but we think it will.” The company is collaborating with a Japanese medical device manufacturer to offer blood pressure monitors with Bluetooth connectivity, which can connect easily with smartphones.

It is also developing a new health data interface in its products to allow the sharing of vital signs data with other platforms. Vital signs data can then be taken at home and shared with doctors when needed.

~ Extracted from Business Times

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