SGH, CGH, and KKH evaluate the use of healthcare tools

Straits Times, news article (introduction), April 15, 2009:

Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital, and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital have been evaluating the use of several healthcare tools, namely, a bedside mobile workstation, a vital signs monitoring system, a mobile X-ray image retrieval system, a patient bedside terminal, and an electronic dental recording system.

Tan CY. Cool health-care tools. Straits Times (Singapore) 2009 April 15: Digital Life sect: 9.

To view the full article, please visit the following links:

The bedside mobile workstation T5 from HumanScale (engineered by BMW), contact tracing system and vital signs monitoring system were provided by Cadi Scientific, a Singapore company. The vital signs monitoring system uses wireless technology to transmit readings to a central server.

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