Wuxi People’s Hospital in China investigates the use of wireless temperature monitoring in the ICU

护理学杂志 (Journal of Nursing Science), article in Chinese (summary), January 2012:

Researchers from Wuxi People’s Hospital in Wuxi, China, investigated the use of the Cadi SmartSense wireless temperature monitoring system on 180 patients in the hospital’s ICU and found that temperature readings recorded by the system were close to axillary temperature readings taken with a mercury thermometer. The researchers concluded that the SmartSense system is not only accurate and safe to use but also improves the quality of care, saves nursing time, and improves work efficiency.


曹晓东, 黄云娟, 黄琴红, 朱亭立, 曹燕, 蔡亚萍, 朱俊霞, 浦敏华 (Cao X, Huang Y, Huang Q, Zhu T, Cao Y, Cai Y, Zhu J, Pu M). 无线体温监测和位置跟踪传感器在ICU重症患者体温监测中的应用 (Application of wireless temperature monitoring and location tracking sensor for patients admitted to ICU). 护理学杂志 (Journal of Nursing Science) 2012; 27(2):53–55.

The authors of this article were from Wuxi People’s Hospital (无锡市人民医院), where the Cadi SmartSense wireless temperature monitoring system was installed in the hospital’s ICU.

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