Raffles Hospital went live with computerized CTG analysis system at the labour ward

Cadi Scientific, news release, August 29, 2014:

In May 2014, Raffles Hospital’s Labour Ward went live with the Omniview-SisPorto® central fetal monitoring system integrated with the Maternum labour and delivery module. The system provides automated computerized analysis of CTG (cardiotocographic) features and ST events with real-time alerts, to help clinicians make accurate fetal assessment in intrapartum management. The Maternum module enables all labour and delivery notes to be archived digitally so that clinicians can access the data anytime, anywhere in the hospital.

About Omniview
The Omniview-SisPorto® leads the technology in CTG analysis, with extensive publishing in reference journals and the involvement of top authors from the field. Analysis includes estimation of uterine contractions and fetal heart rate baseline, identification of accelerations and decelerations, and quantification of short- and long-term variability.

About Cadi Scientific
Cadi Scientific is the leading provider of RFID solutions for healthcare in this region and is also the exclusive distributor of the Omniview-SisPorto® central fetal monitoring system system in Asia.

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