Daqing Women’s and Children’s Hospital in China rolls out SmartSense for wireless temperature monitoring, infant safety, and patient tracking


In an effort to enhance patient safety and reduce nurses’ workload, Daqing Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Heilongjiang, China, has rolled out the SmartSense infant safety system in its maternity ward and both the SmartSense temperature monitoring system and SmartSense patient tracking system in its pediatric ward. These systems use radio frequency identification (RFID), a wireless technology. The temperature monitoring system measures body temperature continuously, unobtrusively, and automatically, without disturbing the patient. The patient tracking system gives room-level accuracy for a patient’s location. The infant safety system matches a mother to her baby and ensures that the correct baby is always brought to the mother. It also prevents infant abduction by monitoring the movements of babies in real time, especially at unauthorized exits. These SmartSense systems were supplied by Cadi Scientific, a Singapore-based healthcare technology company.


Daqing Women’s and Children’s Hospital refers to 大庆妇女儿童医院

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