Hanaro Medical Center in South Korea uses RFID to shorten waiting time and enhance patient experience

Hanaro Medical Center in South Korea has rolled out an intelligent queue management system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) at its health screening center. Every patient who registers at the center is issued an integrated active-passive RFID tag to identify the patient and provide the patient’s location. The patient is also assigned a locker, which can be locked or unlocked with the tag. Once the tag is issued, the system automatically places the patient in the queue and then guides the patient to the right destinations as he or she journeys through the center. In this way, the system not only helps to shorten patients’ waiting time but also helps to enhance patient experience.

The RFID system was supplied by Cadi Scientific, a Singapore company that designs and develops RFID solutions for use in healthcare. The total queue management solution was provided by Choongwae Information Technology, one of the most reliable system integrators and software vendors in the Korean healthcare industry.


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