Is Reality Taking a Lead from Science Fiction?

Technologies to help seniors & caregivers. Ageless Voice. May 5, 2014.

With the global ageing population, new technologies are being developed to make the lives of seniors and their caregivers easier. At Cadi Scientific in Singapore, it develops wireless sensing and tracking devices for various healthcare applications. These aim to keep seniors safe and provide caregivers and family members a peace of mind on their health and whereabouts.

Here are some Cadi Scientific technologies that help seniors:
1) Wireless continuous temperature monitoring at home
The immune system in seniors typically declines, making early detection of infections
important. Cadi.Sense is a wireless temperature monitoring system for home use that
measures and transmits the patient’s temperature every 30 seconds. This data is consolidated into a chart, which can be viewed real-time by family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals. A coin-sized device is pasted on the senior’s abdomen and this sends data wirelessly. Alerts are provided via SMS or e-mails should the patient’s fever hits a specified temperature. This is useful in situations such as at night when everyone is sleeping, or while family members are at work. In addition, since temperature taking is no longer done manually, the senior’s normal activities, for example resting, are undisturbed.

2) Vital signs monitoring and tracking within hospitals
Cadi Scientific has developed a similar temperature monitoring solution for hospitals to
reduce labour, minimise cross infections and enhance patient care. Other enterprise-wide solutions include wireless monitoring of vital signs (such as blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration levels) as well as patient tracking, which is useful for seniors suffering from dementia and are prone to wandering around. This helps provide hospital staff and family members a peace of mind as they know the exact location of the senior.

Cadi Scientific is currently developing other monitoring devices for home use. This will
allow family members and caregivers to know where their loved ones are, whether they
have gotten lost or are simply taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. The device can be designed to appear like a watch or necklace, so that the senior will be comfortable wearing it at all times.

3) Optimising patient flow at clinics

For many seniors, going to the hospital/clinic can be a daunting and confusing experience, often made worse by not knowing what is happening or where to go within the clinic. To help seniors and caregivers accompanying them, Cadi Scientific has developed a SmartTag system. This improves communication between seniors and staff at a hospital/ clinic, and also provides the patient will a full understanding of what is happening at what time.

A small smart tag is worn on the patient’s wrist or inserted into his pocket. This wirelessly communicates with multiple devices (called SmartNodes) mounted on the walls and ceiling of the clinic, as well as tablet PCs carried by staff. As the patient moves within close proximity of the device, the SmartTag is detected and where relevant, information is displayed on LCD monitors located nearby.

Cadi Scientific’s SmartTag system has been deployed in a hospital in South Korea.
For example, patients can be told that they have completed one health screening test and to proceed to another room for the next test. They can also be told the expected waiting time and when they are next in queue. Confidential medical data can be revealed on staff’s tablet PCs in private locations.

The system can be customised to each senior so information is provided in his preferred
language, ensuring he understands the information. The system is automatic and userfriendly – seniors simply get within proximity of the device to receive the information. This helps them to remain independent, which is useful as not all will be accompanied by a family member.

As more seniors become more comfortable with technology, leveraging upon new
technological solutions to enhance healthcare will soon become the norm.

– Dr Zenton Goh, CEO, Cadi Scientific, who recently spoke at Innovfest 2014, organised
by NUS Enterprise, on the topic “Is Reality Taking a Lead from Science Fiction?
Technologies which Help Elderly and Caregivers Lead Better Lives”.

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