R&D of a wireless system that helps hospitals solve bed crunch problem

Lianhe Zaobao on 30 Jun 2022 titled “研发无线实时体温监控器 公司助医院解决“入院难”问题”

左起为公司执行总裁吴剑丹博士、首席运营官梁善胜、首席营销官林素敏博士以及首席技术官吴汉昌。From the left CEO Dr Goh Zenton, COO Neo Sian Sheng, CMO Dr Lim Soh Min and CTO Ng Hon Cheong.

Four researchers have been engaged in digital signal processing technology for many years. One day, one of the researchers was physically and mentally exhausted from caring for a sick child the night before…

Ng Hon Cheong, who is now the chief technology officer of Cadi Scientific, was worried that the child had a high fever that night, so he took the child’s temperature many times. At the time, he longed for a device that monitored the temperature in real time, allowing him to get up only when he needed to. This demand also triggered the passion of the other three members. They decided to use their own knowledge and experience to fill the gap in the market, and developed a home wireless wearable real-time body temperature monitor, which can timely report the child’s fever to parents by connecting with the mobile phone. However, due to demand from hospital, this product was later developed into one that also track all patients’ locations to optimize bed management worklfow and to patient bed wait time.

Today, over 70% of hospitals in Singapore had deployed either one or more modules of the system, which had helped improve resource management and patient care, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the successful deployments in the local market, the company’s products have also successively entered hospitals in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s next key goal is to enter the Chinese market. “Cadi will enter the Chinese market through cooperation. After several attempts of different cooperation methods, we hope to cooperate with hospital IT system providers in local hospitals. Such a service provider not only has a mature sales network, but also has a full understanding of the IT system, which is helpful for product implementation and after-live service and support.

Cadi Scientific will continue to focus on product development and data analytics to maintain product competitiveness while making its effort to expand into new markets.

Dr Goh Zenton also explained the name Cadi with great interest to summarize the founding philosophy of the company. The word is homophone with the English caddy, which means golf boy. For golf players, in addition to helping to reduce the burden of golf equipment, caddy also reminds players of the situation on the field and suggests the use of clubs. Cadi hopes to play the same role, not only to help customers solve existing problems, but also to provide customers with more professional advice and insights into data through advanced technology and data analytics.

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