RFID for Healthcare

As an invited speaker for Regional Industry Networking Conference 2012: heatlchare Innovation – Shaping the Future of Healthcare, Dr Lim Soh Min spoke on the topic “RFID for Healthcare”.

Topic: RFID in Healthcare

Speaker: Dr Lim Soh Min, Director / Chief Marketing Officer, Cadi Scientific Pte Ltd

One of the key challenges in the future of healthcare is to deal with an aging population. A worldwide phenomenon, the aging population is going to result in a higher patient to nurse ratio. Technology will probably never be able to replace a doctor’s judgment or a nurse’s touch, but it can help tip the balance by improving workflow and making manual and routine tasks more efficient. This talk will highlight some success stories on how wireless technology has been used in the hospitals to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient experience, improve data visibility and reduce cross infections.

RINC 2012
Regional Industry Networking Conference 2012

The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering has been organising the Regional Industry Networking conference (RINC) since 2002. Its objective is to provide local and regional participants with a platform to discuss industry trends and development in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. With the theme of “Healthcare Innovation – Shaping The Future Of Healthcare”, the conference was held on 7 September 2012 and was attended by about 250 participants.

A distinguished group of international as well as local speakers presented a total of 8 papers during the conference. Some of the topics presented included, “Better, Faster, Cheaper, Safer Healthcare through Innovation”,”RFID for Healthcare”, “Clinician Driven Innovation” and “Mobile Data Mining for Healthcare”.


rinc2012- Dr Lim Soh Minrinc2012-liat teng lit

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