Tech to help parents get through the night. 

Rennie Whang. Tech to help parents get through the night. The Straits Times. October 29, 2014.

Firm develops devices that can track temperature, location automatically.

A sleepless night caused by Mr Ng Hon Cheong’s sick infant was the catalyst for the researcher and his three colleagues to quit their jobs… More than a decade later, Cadi Scientific’s products are found in all hospitals here and in many others across Asia …

ST-Tech to help2.JPG

Dr Goh said the main challenge when starting out was that, being at the forefront of technology, the company’s products may appear too advanced to hospitals.

Looking back, the founders feel lucky and blessed, Dr Goh said. “We have captured the market well despite competition from the United States… We are proud to have a strong foothold in this part of Asia.”


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