Cadi named Top 25 Healthcare Technology Solution Providers 2017

Extracted from APAC CIO Outlook | Healthcare Technology Special Issue, Aug 01, 2017:

This issue of APAC CIO Outlook brings to you top 25 healthcare healthcare technology solution providers of the year 2017.  The distinguished panel of editors have filtered down to this list that have proven to have the ability to elevate operational efficiency, reduce cost, and upgrade patient experience.  This list highlights renowned players in the Healthcare Solution arena who are significantly contributing to create today’s “smart hospitals and smarter healthcare”. Read More


Cadi: Solutions to Make People’s Lives Better.

“We provide solutions that really help make perople’s lives better.” Dr Zenton Goh, CEO of Cadi Scientific, a Singapore-based healthcare technology company, has worked through the years to ensure this ideology is followed in his firm — the quintessential reason for his customers to return every single time. The 14-year track record across the healthcare space is what helps them deliver incomparable solutions — bringing desirable change in the healthcare sector. The combined insight of the co-founders has helped bring … Read More


Source:  APAC CIOoutlook | Healthcare Special

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