Sotera ViSi Mobile facilitates timely interventions in Singapore hospitals

The ViSi Mobile (Sotera Wireless, San Diego, California, USA) is a wearable patient monitoring system for continuous monitoring of ECG, heart/pulse rate, SpO2, respiration rate, skin temperature, continuous NIBP (cNIBP), posture, and motion. In recent evaluations of the system in hospitals in Singapore, the system detected several critical situations and alerted the caregivers, enabling the caregivers to intervene in a timely manner.
In one instance, a 79-year-old lady patient who required hourly monitoring went into cardiac arrest at 11 pm, and the ViSi Mobile immediately alerted the night nurses. She was immediately resuscitated and, shortly after, admitted to the ICU. In another instance, a nurse prevented a post-op patient from falling, when she noticed from the remote display monitor of the ViSi Mobile that the patient was trying to get up from bed. In a third instance, a ViSi Mobile was applied to an elderly woman with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). In the same morning shortly after she was transferred to the ward, her blood pressure dropped significantly and her heart rate went up to 170 bpm. The ViSi Mobile detected these changes and alerted the nurses, and the patient was subsequently resuscitated. All these instances demonstrated that the ViSi Mobile had enabled timely detection of significant changes in patient conditions and had, in turn, enabled timely intervention.
About ViSi Mobile

The ViSi Mobile® System is the world’s first FDA-cleared body-worn, patient monitoring system capable of measuring multiple vital signs noninvasively on a beat-to-beat basis. It was developed by Sotera Wireless, Inc., a medical device company based in San Diego, California. In Singapore, the ViSi Mobile is distributed exclusively by Cadi Scientific.

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