Mount Alvernia Hospital deploys RFID for continuous temperature monitoring for kids and automated mother-infant matching for newborns

Mount Alvernia Hospital, a private general acute care hospital in Singapore, has deployed a wireless temperature monitoring system in its pediatric wards, the first hospital in Singapore to deploy such a system for use on children. It is also deploying a mother-infant matching system in its maternity wards.

The temperature monitoring system monitors a patient’s body temperature continuously without nurses’ intervention and alerts nurses to abnormal readings. It will be used primarily to monitor children who have fever. This system will not only help to enhance patient care but also help to reduce nurses’ workload by obviating the need for nurses to take hourly measurements manually.

The mother-infant matching system automatically detects whether a baby given to a mother is the correct baby and then alerts the mother accordingly. This system will give both mothers and caregivers added peace of mind.

Both systems are supplied by Cadi Scientific, a Singapore company that designs and develops radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for use in healthcare.

Mount Alvernia Hospital Deploys Wireless Temperature Monitoring For Kids