Sengkang General Hospital wins Asian Hospital Management Excellence Award 2019

12 September 2019, Gala Night at Hospital Management Asia in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sengkang General Hospital (Singapore) is the 2019 Excellence Award Winner for Asian Hospital Management Awards under the category “Innovations in Healthcare Technology Project” for using its new real time location system (RTLS) for effective central asset management.

By centrally managing hospital-wide mobile assets with RTLS, the hospital aims to optimize assets by driving higher utilization and to relieve staff of having to spend time searching for, or sighting assets.

After having deployed the RTLS for a year, operations team has seen a 30% reduction in asset numbers, specifically for wheelchairs, patient transfer trolleys and pumps. Nurses and maintenance engineers are now able to spend less effort in locating/maintaining equipment which translates into time saved. The new central asset management process also allows assets to be deployed more efficiently as users no longer have to return items to the asset owners.

In conclusion, with a centralized asset management model using RTLS, CAM is able to deploy assets optimally and efficiently, according to patient needs. This has led to better patient care through the re-channeling of staff time, and effort to more critical needs, such as clinical care.

Source: “Managing Hospital-Wide Mobile Assets Centrally with Real Time Location System (RTLS)” by Teng Jyh Lei, Isabel Kuek, Ho Hwee Kim, Deborah Ng Li Li | Singapore Healthcare Management 2019 Poster presentation.

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