Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients

As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, confirmed cases in Singapore will grow over the next few months, thus increasing the number of isolated patients that require close monitoring. This will result in higher demand for clinical resources. Technologies for automating vitals signs taking will help to ensure that patients are effectively monitored, keeping both patients and staff safe.

The Sotera ViSi Mobile and Cadi ThermoSensor are worn by inpatients at the isolation wards at the Singapore National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

As the devices are integrated with the central SmartSense Vital Signs Monitoring dashboard, nurses will be able to access patients’ vital signs conditions, alerts and trends in real-time at the nursing stations. Patients’ digital clinical charts are made available on all clinicians’ laptops on mobile carts for efficient clinical intervention.

The system aims to give clinicians good continuous insights of patients’ conditions without the need for frequent physical contacts with patients. Hence, patients can have improved rest since they do not need to be woken up regularly for manual vitals taking.

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