Saudi Arabia King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif equipped with New Cadi SmartSense for infant safety

The Maternity and OB/GYN Hospital at King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has equipped ts facility with Cadi SmartSense Infant Safety System.  The new implementation aims to provide features that helps to improve workflow and enhance patient safety. In addition to infant-mother matching, the new system from Singapore also automatically match the infant to its right bassinet at all times.

With this system in place, all new infants will be protected from birth.  Upon delivery at the delivery room, all new infants are comfortably strapped with the tamper proof infant tag using hyper-allergenic safety bands on their ankle. At the same time, their mothers will wear the matching mother’s tag using hospital wrist band, and their assigned bassinet will be tagged with the matching cot tag, all in the delivery room.

The system automatically performs matching verification when the tags come close to reduce nurses’ workload ensuring right infant stays with the right bassinet and brought to his/her mother at all times.

SmartSense Infant Safety software monitoring dashboards installed at the nursing stations and security posts will display real-time statuses of the infants and their real-time locations. Other than mismatch alerts, security alerts will also be sounded and displayed on the monitoring dashboards if any infant strap is cut, any infant tag is removed from the infant ankle. or when the infant is brought out of any unauthorized exit.

Coupled with SmartNodes and alert beacons installed in the entire hospital facility, real-time sound and visual security alarms when an infant is detected at unauthorized exits further protects the infants at all times, giving their parents complete peace of mind.

For more information, please contact our local counterpart in Saudi Arabia at

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