Hong Kong Union Hospital adopts RFID temperature sensors for pediatric patients

RFID Journal, article (extract), September 11, 2012:

The system enables the children to have a better night’s sleep, and also provides nurses with real-time readings of temperature and other vital signs.

Compared with adults, pediatric patients are at greater risk of spiking fevers, and for that reason, hospitals must often record the temperatures of young patients numerous times throughout the night. If the staff uses a handheld thermometer, a child is likely to be awakened every time his or her temperature is taken — plus, that child’s fever may have risen dangerously high in the interim. To enable its pediatric patients to have a better night’s sleep, and to gain more frequent temperature and vital-sign readings, Hong Kong Union Hospital has installed a radio frequency identification system provided by Singapore RFID company Cadi Scientific. The solution, known as SmartSense, consists of temperature-sensing RFID tags that patients wear on their abdomen, RFID interrogators mounted on walls, and SmartSense software to receive that data, store it for the hospital staff, and issue alerts in the event that a temperature is rising, according to Grace Too, Cadi Scientific Hong Kong’s business account manager.

Swedberg C. Hong Kong Union Hospital adopts RFID temperature sensors for pediatric patients. RFID Journal 2012 September 11.

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